Dear Michael and Tiffany, I have been here for 13 years. I learned ABC when I was five at Michael's and that was my first time to learn English. When I travelled abroad two years ago, I could communicate with foreigners fluently and I was able to rent a car and make reservation at a hotel all by myself. This year, I had a big test before going to university, and I had a nice grade in English. I really appreciate Michael and Tiffany, this cram school is different from other English cram schools.


Time waits for no one, all of the sudden, it's my turn to graduate from Michael's English School. After a day of hard and tiring lessons at school, I could always relax and learn English in a fun way. Among lessons such as writing, novels feedback, breaking news, and improvisation, I enjoy the improvisation the most. We learned to perform a speech right after the topic was given. This experience trained me speaking skills and how to express my ideas clearly. Michael's has accompanied me through my high school life. It delighted my life and taught me the courage to communicate with people. I'm grateful to learn at Michael's and I hope all the students can feel the joy I get from here.


Dear Michael's English School, I have been studying in Michael's E.F.L School for almost six years. It's my great pleasure to be part of this family. During these years, I not only passed GEPT high intermediate level but also scored 845 in TOEIC. I'm now ready for the next four-year challenge at NCTU. Although I will leave here at the end of May, my passion for English will never die out.


Dear Michael's English School, I have been studying here for 1 year, I can still remember how hopeless I was before my friend, Tiger, introduced me to Michael English school My English ability has dramatically improved. My English grade was in the bottom 10 of the class, and now it is the top 5. I am grateful for the English-learning atmosphere Michael created, everyone in the class can have the chance to share their opinions and get the opportunity to improve. The foreign teacher's class had been the most enjoyable time in the whole week for me.


Dear Michael's English School I have been learning English here for fourteen years. When I was a little girl, I was afraid of learning English. But after I made friends here, I wanted to go to Michael's English School every day. Michael's English School is like a big family, all the teachers will patiently help you learn English. Thanks to my teachers,classmates and two bosses. I will never forget Michael's English School.


I have learned English at Michael's English School for almost nine years. The time I learn English here is both enjoyable and knowledgeable. Thanks to the teachers in Michael English School, I have passed GEPT high-intermediate level, got 980 points in TOEIC and excellent grades in college entrance exam. I cherish my time learning English here.